In 2015, nCAP was made available for licensing. This opened the door for nCAP – and those looking to license their technology – to pursue partnership opportunities and begin collaborating on ways nCAP technology could be used. There’s a substantial amount of evidence that products using nCAP Technology work better than products based on older antenna technology. In fact, research shows there’s no economic or technical reason for manufacturers to continue to use existing and obsolete antenna technology, since nCAP Technology is now available under license. We are currently working with all kinds of companies to find ways to take their products and enhance it with nCAP Technology. From clean energy solutions to smart phones, millions of devices all over the planet are already doing impossible things simply by adding our nano-sized capacitors.

Because of the potential humanitarian benefits of their technology, nCAP licensing has also granted non-royalty-bearing licenses to certain non-profit organizations for use in non-commercial applications.

Modified iPad to enhance signal, with nCAP's Technology US Patent #9,088,071

US Patent #9,088,071

Ultra wideband antenna Hz to Ghz US Patent #9,088,071

Ultra Wideband Antenna